Bio-Boost Tablet 1T from Bionetix International is a natural treatment for septic tank maintenance and aftershock treatment. It relies on a high-density, one-trillion-count blend of bacteria with biological nutrients and stimulants to naturally biodegrade paper, oils, greases and waste. It can be efficient for treatment after toxic shock from the use of strong bleaches or other harmful chemicals, such as root killers for removing roots from pipelines. The tablet nourishes and replenishes bacteria in the septic tank to biologically digest waste and reduce sludge buildup. The manufacturer states that results can include reduction of odors and methane, prevention of pipe and drain blockage, and decrease of septic tank pumping frequency. It can replace chemical products and does not attack plastic or metal pipes. Use two tablets in the startup month, followed by one tablet per month for maintenance. 514/457-2914;

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