The 600-gallon aluminum slide-in unit from Pik Rite holds either 600 gallons of wastewater or 400 gallons with a 200-gallon freshwater compartment inside. The freshwater compartment is constructed for stable weight distribution and is paired with a 12-volt electric washdown pump. The main tank is outfitted with a 5 to 9 hp electric-start Honda engine and available with Conde (Westmoor Ltd.), Masport or Jurop/Chandler pumps ranging from 72 to 115 cfm. It has sight tubes for both waste and freshwater compartments and a 3-inch discharge with a poly ball valve. It comes with 30 feet of 2-inch Kanaflex hose that rests at a convenient height on tank-mounted hose hooks. The aluminum skids have forklift pockets for easy maneuverability. 800/330-3965;

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