The Portable Restroom Truck from Lely Tank & Waste Solutions has a 1,000-gallon steel tank with a 700-gallon waste compartment and a 300-gallon easy-fill freshwater compartment. The tank is mounted on a 2015 Ford F-550 with a 300 hp diesel engine and automatic transmission. The vacuum system has a Masport HXL-4 pump package with 122 cfm free airflow. The tank has dual-service hose connections with a 2-inch tiger tail hose, shut-off valve and service wand. The bucket-fill stations are located in the rear on both sides, in front of the two-unit fold-down restroom carrier. Each workstation has a manifold with easy shut-off brass valves for water and chemicals and a shut-off for the 50-foot water hose with spray nozzles. Each side has full-length hose trays with a wand scabbard and an 18- by 18- by 24-inch toolbox mounted for easy access. 800/367-5359;

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