The Princess II portable restroom service unit from Keith Huber Corporation has a 160 cfm vacuum pump driven by a transmission-mounted PTO operated by push-button, rear restroom carrier gate and four water-resistant cabinets with more than 30 cubic feet of storage space. It has a 1,500-gallon tank with 1,100-gallon waste/400-gallon freshwater capacity, a pressurized water system with a 12-volt motor-driven pump that delivers 45 psi at 7 gpm, and 50 feet of 1/2-inch water hose on a spring-loaded retractable hose reel. It has a 3-inch intake with valve, dual suction with dual water and hose reels, a four-way valve to control vacuum loading and pressure discharge, and a 2-inch water tank drain with remote-mounted driver’s side valve for quick bucket fill. 800/334-8237;

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