Porta-Treat from Bionetix International contains natural and safe aerobic bacteria that digest odor-causing compounds and waste. The product’s natural and safe Bacillus spores have been shown to reduce large waste particles that settle to the bottom, such as toilet paper, according to the maker. The cellulose present in toilet paper is reduced to odorless carbon dioxide and water by the selected strains of microorganisms. These bacteria are capable of releasing extracellular enzymes that help minimize waste so the bacteria have better access to eat them up. By reducing waste and odor-causing compounds, the holding tank is left fresh and clean, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. It is delivered in convenient, water-soluble pouches that are dropped into the holding tank. It is environmentally safe, nontoxic and biodegradable. 514/457-2914; www.bionetix-international.com.

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