2000 Mack Vac-Con RD688S T/A $65,000

2000 Mack Vac-Con RD688S T/A 350hp, Maxitorque T21130 13-speed, Camelback suspension, 270-inch WB. Vac-Con V312SHCE tank, rear gate, hoist, silver face heater, Cummins 4-cyl. aux., 60,013 miles. 3,000/6,000-watt inverter. Unit has hot water to steam, jetters, LED worklight and backup light. Main 7,068 hours, Auxiliary 2,714 hours. $65,000 Delivered to Port of Tacoma, Washington. Currently located in Alaska. Cell 907-398-5263 mattletzring@gmail.com. (P03)

Classified Details

Location: Kasilof, AK 99610
Year: 2000
Make: Mack, Vac-Con
Model: RDS688S

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