Learn how to clear ice clogs from frozen lines

Q. Last winter, we had to deal with a bunch of frozen stacks and waste lines, not to mention the usual frozen waterlines. I used a torch for the frozen waterlines, but what about the frozen stacks?

A. Using a blowtorch to clear ice clogs is very dangerous, and 4-inch stacks are too big for conventional pipe thawing machines. Have you considered using a water jet? Even with cold water, a 3,000 psi/4 gpm jet can clear a 4-inch line at about 1 foot per minute. The high-pressure water cuts through the ice blockage, as well as grease, sand, sludge, and more.

The high water flow flushes it away quickly for a thorough cleaning job. If you heat the water, it will slice through the ice clog like a hot knife through butter. You can add a Hot-Box (it’s like a giant Instant Hot) that instantly raises the water temperature by 150 degrees. 

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Check out a video showing General Pipe Cleaners' water jets cutting through an ice block (as well as clearing grease, sand, sludge, etc.). 

For helping solving your clogged drain problem, contact the Drain Brains at General at 800/245-6200, or email info@drainbrain.com.

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