Property owner tries to hold septic company liable for damaged bridge

Hopefully nothing like this has ever happened to your septic truck!

Last week in West Auckland, New Zealand, a septic truck fell through a bridge on a private road after pumping the owner’s septic tank, spilling sewage into the creek below. A tow truck and crane were employed to remove the vehicle. The owner of the truck said the company pumped everything they could out of the creek and the tank.

The driver thankfully wasn’t harmed. The bridge will obviously need extensive repairs. There is now a dispute between the property owner and the septic company over who is responsible for the cost of the accident.

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For photos of the incident and a video of the truck being removed, click here.

Have you ever experienced a damaged driveway or other hazards where the property owner wanted to hold you responsible for any damages? How did you handle it? Comment below.

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