A Wisconsin septic company is quick to the scene when a tanker truck accident spills liquid manure.

A Birnamwood, Wisconsin, septic company was called to the rescue on Saturday, July 25, when a farm truck crashed and spilled liquid manure into the road and ditch.

Shawano County Deputy Sheriff Bruce Leiser says the truck driver lost control and the trailer jack-knifed, taking down a power pole and spilling liquid that spread about 70 yards along the road.

The Department of Natural Resources was called to the scene, which was reportedly well contained by the farm and septic companies, and a power company was also on hand to fix the power pole.

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Kautza Excavating and Septic Service was called to pump up what was left in the tanker trailer and what was spilled. Owner Jerrod Kautza says his company has been on a number of such calls. He knows the owner of the farm company, who immediately called him to help out. “I sent them out a truck right away. In this situation, you just have to suck out the ditch the best you can.”

Check out the photos of the scene, provided by Kautza Excavating and Septic Service.

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