The proper technology helps make sure your fleet is running at its best.

No matter the size of your company and the number of vehicles you have out on the road, your fleet operation can benefit from using innovative GPS fleet tracking technology. However, different fleets require different technology in order to keep them running at the optimal level. Check out the options below and see which one best matches your current fleet needs.

Company Cars & Trucks

Company cars aren’t typically used on job sites. More often than not, they’re strictly for day-to-day, high-mileage transportation for which proper maintenance is very important. Regular maintenance allows each vehicle within the fleet to operate smoothly, minimizing the impact of costly repairs and other vehicle expenses.

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Using certain forms of GPS tracking technology, you can receive alerts when your vehicles are due for service. This includes when your vehicle needs an oil change, when tire pressure is low, and when your vehicle is due for inspection. If you keep up with the maintenance reports, your vehicles can remain a part of your company for years to come.

Service Vehicles

Whether you have a fleet of 18-wheelers or a group of trucks used for house calls, outfitting your vehicles with the latest GPS fleet tracking technology can help make your company more efficient and eco-friendly while improving your bottom line. You can monitor the location of your vehicles in real time, allowing you to dispatch them to the proper job sites at the drop of a hat. This also gives you the opportunity to reroute them almost immediately.

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Additionally, you can track your drivers’ habits. Speeding, hard braking and aggressive driving can all lead to fuel waste and increased emissions. Being aware of these habits allows you to curb them before they harm your company, your products and the environment.

Of course, service vehicles need to be properly maintained, too. You can utilize the same maintenance technology in these vehicles that you may use for your company cars, allowing you to receive notifications when your emissions levels are high. As a result, your vehicles will be serviced in a timely manner while reducing pollution.

Asset Tracking

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GPS technology can also be used for asset tracking, from small machines like generators to larger pieces such as storage and shipping pods. Using a GPS tracker, you can see where your equipment is at any time during the moving or delivery process, and you can also reroute its future journey.

The same technology is also available for construction equipment. There are many different moving parts on a construction site, but none of them can be put into motion without the proper equipment and technology. GPS tracking provides managers with reports on which equipment is at which location. If a piece is moving and hasn’t been authorized to do so, you can be alerted to determine if theft has occurred.

For more information on how your business and its fleet can benefit from GPS fleet tracking technology, visit or call 866/869-1353.

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