Are seasonal load restrictions messing with your game plan?

It’s that time of year again. Those of us in the northern part of the country are experiencing rising temperatures. With the spring thaw comes soft roads and weight limits implemented to avoid damage from heavy vehicles.

Minnesota pumpers are lucky: Gov. Mark Dayton understands the need to keep septic trucks on the road, and has issued an order that will suspend the weight restrictions for septic transportation.

Septic systems that were out of reach, and possibly frozen, through part of the winter need immediate attention. "It is urgent that immediate action be taken to prevent danger to public health and to avoid further damage to septic systems," Gov. Dayton said in the order. The exemption applies only to state highways and expires June 1. 

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Other cold-weather pumpers may not have it so good. Are weight limits interfering with your business this spring? Post a comment below and tell us.

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