See how this company is tied to World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner.

World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner might have a 95 mph fastball and nasty cutter, but the Giants’ left-hander, who shares the same last name and hometown as Michael Bumgarner, owner of Bumgarner Septic Tank & Grading in Granite Falls, N.C., doesn’t pump septic tanks. In fact, they’re not even related. That hasn’t kept the phone from ringing, at least a little, says Justine Janyssek, Michael’s daughter-in-law. 

“Maybe a couple, but not a whole lot,” says Janyssek, who with her husband, Brandon, were tuned to last week's World Series game. 

Related or not, Janyssek says like most area residents she’s a Giants fan and was cheering for the hometown hero. 

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“Of course I was,” says Janyssek. “I followed him through the season, but I’ve never been to a Giants game; I just watch it on TV.” 

Although they went to different high schools, Janyssek says in a community of 4,722 residents it is possible Bumgarner Septic Tank & Grading has pumped the baseball-playing Bumgarner’s septic system.

“If only we were related, that would have been better,” she says. “It was just weird to see somebody from the Granite Falls area being in the World Series.” 

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Bumgarner Septic Tank & Grading has six full-time employees and three vacuum trucks: a Mack and Kenworth, both with 3,500-gallon tanks, and an International with a 2,500-gallon tank. 

In business since 1961, the family-owned and -operated company installs new systems and provides septic tank and drain line repairs. The company also jets septic and sewer lines and cleans grease traps. Available 24/7, Bumgarner’s grading services include land clearing, landscaping, trackhoe, backhoe and skid-steer work, as well as debris removal, backfilling and basement waterproofing. 

The company is licensed, insured, provides point-of-sale inspections, and has a name with an MVP ring. 

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