Crash story is no place for septic jokes

A septic service truck rolled over in a crash in Kent, Wash., this week. The crash involved three other vehicles and photos showing the National Sanitation truck overturned on the highway were posted here by

Click here to see the crash photos.

Reporters can’t help but make a joke about septic tank waste, even in a crash that could have resulted in serious injuries and may have a lasting impact on a local business. The KOMO and KIRO news reporters made the same joke about how traffic on that highway or the crash “stinks.’’ Even law enforcement had to get in on the act, with a state trooper saying on Twitter, “Oil, fuel and mmmm, some other yucky stuff spilled.’’ If any other substance with the potential to spread disease spills on the highway, it’s taken quite seriously. Septic waste, not so much.

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Enough already with the septic jokes. They’re not particularly clever and they make light of what could be a serious situation.

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